How to go from working at Pizza Hut to running a successful business

From working at Pizza Hut to anticipating a six-figure income this year, Amann Memon has proven what it takes to thrive in business. After repeated attempts to create a personal business online, Amann discovered the world of clothing lines and decided to enter this era of business. After making $8,000 on his initial launch, Amann finally felt like he was in a position to grow as a business and as a person. Amann credits his success to his former Pizza Hut bosses, who didn’t believe in him when he left. Amann understands that in order to succeed, he must make sacrifices, and his innovative internet business strategy continues to break down barriers in the sector.

Social media plays a huge role when it comes to society and how things progress for today’s individuals. Tiktok has made a big splash in the business sector by allowing users to create their own personal brands. While his friends turned to video games, Amann Memon was able to create a following on the site during his imprisonment, according to him. Amann saw an opportunity for personal growth and wanted to seize it in order to see where his own brand could take him. After only a year on the app, Amann has 300,000 followers and delivers snippets of advice on how to live the life Amann now leads.

Amann is active across all social media platforms, where he provides advice on how to begin developing your own personal brand.