How to play like a professional musician MR. Morsal Vatani is here to answer us

 Who is a professional musician?

 A professional musician is someone who, even when he makes a mistake, treats the audience as if nothing had happened and calmly continues his work.

Diagnosing a beginner

 Mistakes in performance or forgetting are not something strange, and many of the most prominent musicians in the world have mistakes in their performances, but the difference between them and other musicians is in how they deal with this issue.

 Sometimes the musician frowns or clenches his teeth during the performance, and the solution to this is to keep the mouth open while playing;

 It may be strange, but it is a completely practical and scientific method, and apart from that, it helps a lot to improve the breathing condition, although other relaxing techniques can also be used, such as kinesiology music techniques, Alexander techniques, yoga, or Tai.  What can be very effective.

 What is the right exercise for musicians?

 On the other hand, we should not forget sports, sports such as cycling, swimming, and hiking are very useful.

 But bodybuilding is not suitable for players of instruments such as guitar and piano due to disturbing the balance between the muscles of the fingers. It is more suitable for aerobic exercise due to increasing blood circulation and breathing.

 The most important thing in playing is to have a goal for practicing each piece and each step. Determine the goal first.

 Never think that you don’t want to be a professional musician and if you only practice for a few hours today, there is no need to follow these issues.  Observing these points is the first condition for playing any instrument.