How to set up iQOO smartphones for fast charging

Quick charge capabilities are a well-known feature of iQOO smartphones. With its recently released iQOO 12, which offers 120W fast charging and comes with an adapter in the retail box, it is one of the few brands that offers extremely fast charging across a wide price range.

Nevertheless, some phones from iQOO come with fast charging turned off by default because it produces too much heat, which slows down fast charging but keeps the phone cooler throughout the process.

The following instructions will walk you through activating fast charging on an iQOO smartphone so that the charging process goes quickly. Note that the most recent FunTouchOS 14 skin for Android 14 can be found on iQOO smartphones, which can be used to perform this procedure.

Comparably, you can also activate the optimized battery life feature, which, particularly when charging the phone for an extended amount of time, intelligently increases battery life by adjusting the charging speed.

Devices like the iQOO 12 and even the iQOO Neo 7 Pro, which supports up to 120W fast charging, can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes when fast charging is enabled. Disabled versions, however, might require a little longer.

An iQOO smartphone that has fast charging enabled will also have a stylish FlashCharge animation on the lock screen. The fast charging animation can be altered via the dynamic animation settings menu. Additionally, always use the cable and adapter that come with the phone for the fastest possible charging experience.

By using the Monster mode on your iQOO smartphone, you can also get a little bit more performance out of it, but keep in mind that this will draw more power and may shorten its battery life. Either the battery settings menu or the quick settings menu can be used to activate monster mode.