I took a ride on the ‘Swiftie Express’ to see Taylor Quick in St Nick Clara

The mayor of Santa Clara specifically advised Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour attendees not to drive to the July 28 and 29 shows at Levi’s Stadium. This would be Lisa Gillmor, Santa Clara’s real mayor, not Swift, the city’s honorary mayor.)

Prior to Gillmor’s warning, I had been frantically looking for alternate routes as one of the 70,000 people attempting to attend the largest concert of the millennium. But I didn’t have to worry.

I don’t know why more people haven’t been talking about Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor train to the stadium, also known as the “Swiftie Express” for Swift’s two-night stay in the Bay Area, which was so direct, inexpensive, and hassle-free. I will be exploiting it once more this fall when football season begins, since it’s likewise a secure answer for San Francisco 49ers gameday traffic.

The train journey began in Auburn and ended right outside the stadium, passing through Sacramento, Davis, and the East Bay.

A sign of Swift’s popularity, train tickets for the trip back from the concert sold out before the weekend even started. My girlfriend and her sister drove in from San Francisco, so I planned their ride home.

I was informed by a woman working concessions that the trains rarely sell out, even for some 49ers games. Despite the fact that she guaranteed me that, notwithstanding their more modest numbers, the Niners Dedicated still purchase far more liquor than the Swifites.

Whether or not the event was sold out, there were still plenty of seats available when I boarded the train at the Oakland Coliseum. A stadium parking pass or an Uber to Santa Clara would have cost me much more, but my ticket was only $15.

As per a lady who talked with KCRA, tickets from Sacramento to St Nick Clara cost $22, a sign of approval for Quick’s triple-platinum single.

Drinks were additionally amazingly modest. A 12-ounce brew was $6 installed, approximately 33% of what it costs inside the arena. The train likewise had pizza, wieners and chips for riders to carbo load on in front of the three-and-a-half-hour show.

Taking into account they were in transit to the most-expected show in ongoing history, the train’s group was genuinely agreeable. Almost everybody on board appeared to be gone to the Times Visit (the majority of them in outfit). As we went through Fremont and Hayward, fans talked about which shock tunes they needed to hear, traded Taylor Quick fellowship wristbands and stood by listening to Periods Visit playlists in arrangement.

Many had all the earmarks of being making it a vacation. I heard one man in a “Swiftie Father” shirt tenderly chide his little girl for how much train selfies she was taking.

It required precisely one hour to get from Oakland to St Nick Clara. a far cry from the two hours I spent driving home, of which one hour was spent just getting out of the parking lot.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Swiftieville! Here we are!” As we pulled up, the conductor spoke, eliciting polite applause. After worrying about how to get to the show for weeks, I was surprised at how easy it was to get there.

Legislative hall Passageway will offer exceptional support of and from Levi’s Arena for Beyonce (Aug. 30) and Ed Sheeran (Sep. 16) shows; Additionally, it has altered service for each and every 49ers home game this season.