Intel and Mexican Company kAI are Working Together to Create AI that is Productivity-Focused

kAI is a Mexican firm that was founded in December 2023 by Kelvin Perea, Gilberto Pardo, Manuel Meza, and Alexis Solís. Its goal is to make customers’ daily activities and time management easier by having natural conversations with AI.

According to Startups Latam, the company has already laid out its growth strategy until 2024, which involves creating wearable technology and artificial intelligence (AI), just four months after it was founded.

Being the second Latin American startup to partner with the US tech giant, kAI is building its own AI in conjunction with Intel through the Intel Liftoff program in order to support its growth. With over 1,500 agenda models processed so far, the business hopes to train its AI by the end of the month with 3,000 models.

Moreover, kAI is developing tools that let people plan and design activities together. By the end of April, the company intends to release wearable products, including native applications for watchOS and Wear OS. By allowing users to track their chores from their smartwatches, these applications will make the platform easier to use and more accessible.

By the end of September, kAI plans to launch additional features like wearables and the creation of a bot for Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as the sharing of events with contacts. With the aid of these integrations, the startup will be able to expand its user base and make everyday job organization easier without requiring the usage of another software.

By the end of 2024, kAI plans to close a $750,000 investment round to further assist its expansion. The investment will go toward building growth-focused features and training the company’s artificial intelligence (AI). It will also be used to execute suggested tasks that are based on individual goals, such suggesting and scheduling movies or TV series.