Is “You Call Me” a music of remembrance? Michele Zanello releases “Dust 1” and “Dust 2”

Michele Zanello Born in 1995, was born in Latisana (UD) on February 26th and is currently top in the ranking of this genre. Michele has released a new album, entitled “Not Ordinary Canvas”, through the AR.MS Empire label and given this latest pandemic period he decided to brighten up the situation with colorful songs and colorful names in their titles, just see singles like: BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.

But to start he entered the scene with “You Call Me” and then raised the level all over the world with other tracks like Dust 1 and Dust 2, to do so he based everything on some fundamental points such as:

Your budget: It is certainly always something to think about, you have to make the right investment such as the equipment materials you want to use, the software for producers and the promotional investments to spread.

The level of experience? Sure Zanello’s level of experience is important in fact his music making skills have allowed him to get expert level software like Pro Tools might be difficult at first, but a final investment when thinking ahead.

Performing live? The more you know about your software, the easier it is to carry those thousands of ideas that circulate in your brain during production. In fact, for Michele conquering the live audience was more than easy.

Currently on the social profiles he has many fans just see on his instagram profile which has over 40,000 followers and also his Facebook profile which is a reference point for many fellow artists in his sector.