John Calipari clarifies why Joel Justus, Terrence Clarke and Jacob Toppin didn’t travel to Missouri

Kentucky was under-staffed in a 75-70 misfortune at No. 18 Missouri.

The Wildcats were without Terrence Clarke, Jacob Toppin and assistant coach Joel Justus in Columbia. It eventually constrained John Calipari to play Cam’Ron Fletcher at a certain point, his first minutes of 2021. Profundity was stressed much further after Olivier Sarr fouled out with over five minutes remaining.

After the game, Coach Cal said the three didn’t join the remainder of the group for the excursion so Justus could work out the other two players, especially the tottered Clarke who has ventured out with the group to the entirety of their past street games.

“Joel remained hence and I wanna see the child (Clarke) practice tomorrow and Friday to check whether there’s any possibility he can play against Tennessee. He didn’t should be here. In ball, when you’re taking a gander at a person, what, we required a team promoter? He didn’t should be here. He needs to prepare to attempt to play that game Saturday. In the event that he can’t rehearse without limping Thursday and Friday, he will not play Saturday and we simply keep him out and see where this thing goes. It goes to a point where you’re out five, a month and a half methods you’re simply not able. The game’s a lot for you to play by any means. Yet, that is the reason we left him at home.”

To begin with, do we accept that is the reason they remained at home? What’s more, what precisely does the last piece of his reaction mean? In the event that Clarke can’t play Saturday he will not play once more? Calipari’s reaction leaves the audience with a bigger number of inquiries than answers.

Not long after hitting the “distribute” button, John Calipari offered this to the UK Sports Network’s listening crowd. Make of it what you will.