Kratos Presents U.S. Army With Satellite Internet Technology

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions said on April 4 that it has successfully finished a satellite-based broadband demonstration for the US Army. The virtual ground system, which is a software-defined substitute for conventional hardware-based ground stations in managing satellite constellations, was used in the demonstration.

As part of a larger initiative to modernize voice and data communication for tactical troops, the business was awarded a contract in 2022 to carry out the demonstration for the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications Tactical (PEO C3T). Instead of having to construct its own specialized space networks, the Army is searching for methods to leverage commercial capabilities.

Kratos made use of its virtualized satellite communications (satcom) ground system, OpenSpace Platform. During the demonstration, it was shown that it could streamline the signal path by beaming internet down from low-Earth orbit spacecraft directly to small antennas used by soldiers.

Demonstration of Telesat’s LEO 3 Satellite

Kratos linked Telesat’s LEO 3 satellite to a Cobham tracker antenna for the demonstration. Launched in July 2023, this experimental satellite is part of Telesat’s Lightspeed LEO constellation, a projected constellation of broadband satellites.

According to a news release from Kratos, “the demonstration showed a flexible network architecture that allowed soldiers to connect Telesat’s LEO 3 satellite through Cobham antennas.”

Telesat’s LEO 3, one of seven demonstration satellites, was launched onboard Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket. Ka- and V-band payloads are carried by LEO 3.