Leica phone reported by SoftBank in Japan

SoftBank has reported a Leica-branded phone for the Japanese market. Leica has loaned its name to phone camera systems previously, however this Leitz Phone 1 is the first time the Leica brand and notable red dot has taken precedence on a cell phone.

The camera system is obviously going to be vital for a gadget like this, and the equipment here is absolutely uncommon. There’s a solitary 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor — the greatest in any phone — with a 19mm-comparable f/1.9 ultrawide focal point, which means other central lengths need to utilize digital zoom.

On the off chance that that sounds recognizable, indeed, Sharp declared precisely the same thing a month prior. The Aquos R6 has a similar Leica-branded camera system — however the Leitz Phone 1 makes it’s anything but much greater — and different specs like its 120Hz Pro IGZO OLED screen are additionally a match.

Then again, the Aquos R6 doesn’t accompany a focal point cap and coordinating with case.

SoftBank is additionally selling the Aquos R6 close by the Leitz Phone 1, and isn’t endeavoring to conceal the similitudes behind the two phones. All things being equal, it’s situating the R6 as a model for somebody who simply wants the Leica camera, and the Leitz Phone 1 for the individuals who esteem Leica’s hardware design. Furthermore, what could be more with regards to Leica custom than tweaking existing items with a red dot?

Preorders for the Leitz Phone 1 beginning tomorrow in Japan. It’ll cost 187,920 yen, or about $1,700.