LG guarantees three years of Android updates notwithstanding leaving phone business

LG has declared a promise to give future Android OS updates to large numbers of its cell phones notwithstanding affirming recently that it’ll be leaving the phone business altogether.

The Velvet, Wing, and G-and V-series phones from 2019 or later ought to get three Android updates from their time of release, and “certain 2020 models such as LG Stylo and K series” will get two updates.

For example, the Velvet came out a year ago with Android 10, and its Android 11 rollout is right now in progress. That implies that it ought to likewise be getting Android 12 and 13 at some point, assuming Google proceeds with its yearly cadence. LG differently depicts this declaration as a “three-year pledge” and a “three-OS-update guarantee.”

The declaration is somewhat surprising on the grounds that LG phones for the most part wouldn’t have been required to get that numerous updates even while LG was really in the phone business.

The organization declared a dedicated “Software Upgrade Center” in 2018, however little to nothing changed about its Android update circumstance. The majority of its most recent premium phones aren’t scheduled to get Android 11 until the finish of 2021.

Recently, LG’s Korean website showed that some selected models would likewise get an Android 12 update.