Low-cost iPad and iPod Touch are the last iOS gadgets with earphone jack as iPad Mini 6 drops support

Apple is proceeding to eliminate the earphone jack from its iOS gadgets, and the iPad mini 6 is the latest iPad to see the feature removed.

The earlier generation iPad mini 5, released in 2019, had an earphone jack situated at the top of the gadget, yet the ‌iPad mini 6‌ does exclude this feature. With no earphone jack, the ‌iPad mini 6‌ supports just Bluetooth-enabled earphones or earphones ready to associate with the USB-C port on the gadget.

Apple has now taken out the earphone jack from the entirety of the gadgets in its iOS lineups except for the low-cost ‌iPad‌ and the iPod touch, a gadget that is possible being eliminated and sees few updates.

The 10.2-inch iPad 9 that was released last week keeps on offering an earphone jack at the top left of the tablet, and it is the only ‌iPad‌ have to an earphone jack accessible. Considering that this tablet is focused on schools, it’s a good idea that it has an earphone jack to permit students to use school-provided earphones.

However Apple has now eliminated the earphone jack from almost all iOS gadgets, Apple’s Macs keep on having an earphone jack accessible, including the freshest M1 models. It isn’t clear if Apple intends to eliminate the earphone jack from Macs later on, yet that may not be in the cards since Macs have more accessible space for the earphone jack component.

Apple started eliminating the earphone jack from iPhones with the launch of the iPhone 7, and it was pulled to make room for other components as well as to further develop water resistance by eliminating a point of ingress. Apple’s iPhones and iPads have kept getting more slender, more minimal, and more feature rich throughout the long term, leaving no space for an earphone jack. With the progress to AirPods and other Bluetooth-based wire-free earphones, the earphone jack is additionally no longer as essential to numerous iOS gadget clients.