Luis Jorge Rios Shares 5 Insightful Tips to Emulate Successful People

Learning from people and their experiences helps you advance in your journey of life. When these people directly communicate their experiences with you, you can extract so much value from just conversing with them. Conventional ways of learning never teach you skills and lessons that are rare—Luis Jorge Rios realized this after interviewing people at the top of their game. He learned about multiple facets of life and gained a fresh perspective on things that people are redundant about. Luis Rios Jorge is an American Journalist who interviews celebrities, but most importantly, he takes back valuable insights from these sessions. 

Luis has interviewed successful actors like Mario Lopez and even entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, besides interviewing various billionaires. Rios intends to pass on this knowledge to other business enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them in their journey of financial independence and liberation from wage slavery. Currently, he is teaching people to strengthen their businesses after the pandemic, provide value to consultancy businesses, and focusing on the digitalization of companies. Luis also organizes events like TEDx, works in the press with well-known influencers, and uses all that he has learned to help people.

He started as a combat veteran and served the USA for ten years. When he was in the army, Luis was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The first part of his military career was spent traveling to Israel and Spain, where he worked for the intelligence community. This happened shortly after he graduated with a degree in counter-terrorism. Luis is a prime example of transferable skills because he was able to apply what he learned from military intelligence to a field like high ticket sales. Luis’s newly learned skill was unmatchable and helped him raise a charity of 1.5 million dollars for non-profit organizations. So there is no doubt about the fact that he learns from the celebrities he interviews. These experiences have made him a master at coaching people for business.

When he worked in the US army, he honed his writing skills. He interviews other successful people in their industry and helps veterans like him establish their business successfully.