Maharashtra to Odisha: Tiger ventures 2000 km looking for new home, mate

A grown-up male Illustrious Bengal Tiger from Maharashtra traversed four states prior to arriving in Odisha looking for an area or a mate.
Bhubaneswar: A grown-up male Imperial Bengal Tiger from Tadoba scene of Maharashtra traversed 2,000 km four states throughout the course of recent months prior to arriving in the woods of Odisha looking for a reasonable domain or a possible mate, authorities said.

Odisha woods authorities said however the tiger was first located in the state’s backwoods in June 2023, they were don’t know where it came from. “It kept alternating between Rayagada division of Odisha and Manyam division of Andhra Pradesh since then. In September in entered Parlakhemundi forest division of Gajapati district in September and that’s when villagers started talking about seeing a tiger,” said Anand S, divisional forest officer of Parlakhemundi.

“On October 18, the tiger reportedly dragged a cow from a shed and the owner of the cow, was shocked to find the half-eaten remains upon his return. As there has been no record of any tiger sighting in Gajapati in last 30 years, we were a little bit sceptical whether it was a tiger or leopard. As Odisha was doing its own tiger census, we installed camera trap and the camera caught its image three times,” said Anand said.

The timberland office sent the picture to the Natural life Establishment of India (WII) in Dehradun for planning, and they affirmed that the camera-caught picture coordinated with a tiger recently shot in the Brahmapuri woods division of Maharashtra. “As tigers have unique stripe patterns we were sure that this particular tiger originated from Maharashtra,” said the DFO.

However radio-catching a tiger is the most ideal method for following its dispersal, authorities said the tiger probably went north of 2,000 km as it probably went through Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh prior to arriving at Odisha. In the previous month, the tiger takes care of in excess of 500 km, moving from Parlakhemundi to Srikakulam, then to Ichhapuram, lastly getting back to Parlakhemundi. Woodland authorities said this is whenever a tiger first has arrived at Odisha from Maharashtra.

“It seems the tiger is in search of a territory with a thriving prey population and a potential mate. If it finds suitable conditions, it may stay in Odisha. We are keeping a close watch in the tiger as it is moving 25-30 km daily and is hunting cattle. It is 4-5 years old. If it attacks any human being we may have think of radio collaring it to track its movement,” said a senior forest official who did not wish to be named.

However the tiger is known for going after deer and wild pig, it is presently going after domesticated animals. Nonetheless, it has not shown any hostility towards people however it is moving in a scene overwhelmed by people.

Collaborator Conservator of Woodlands Ashok Behera said the division has conveyed five groups comprising of 35 individuals to alarm individuals residing in the lining regions and educate them not to get out of their homes around evening time. The groups additionally encouraged the residents to appropriately attach their dairy cattle to save them from the hunter.

Tigers spread to lay out their own domains. Male tigers scatter a typical distance of 27 km while females scatter a typical distance of 5.7 km.

In 2019, natural life authorities in Maharashtra radio-nabbed a tigress from the Tipeshwar natural life safe-haven in Maharashtra named TWLS-T1-C1 to tracks its dispersal. Over next 13 months it logged 3,017 km before the battery passed on. This is the longest distance shrouded by any tiger in the nation looking for an area and mate.