Manish Mehta: Gaining insights of Digital Marketing

In the past few years, the world has evolved speedily in terms of marketing and advertising. The industry has been one step ahead of the consumers who in the present day and age, make educated purchases, and learn about products and services before spending. We have one of the pioneers of Digital Marketing with us and he will share some insights into this business domain. Manish Mehta is a well-known name in the social media marketing realm. His experience in this field is highly valuable. It will be a very useful knowledge bank for upcoming marketers for he will share the fundamentals of modern marketing and advertising.

The simpler businesses started going digital

Businesses, Even as simple as food trucks and chai tapris, started creating their digital presence. Paralleling with the food delivery system, it has become a mandatory norm for every business to use digital and social media marketing to stay in the game. The delivery and feedback systems are evolving by the moment as we talk. And consumers these days leave for the next consumer, reviews and experiences. It has become almost mandatory to create and maintain an active social media presence for interacting with the modern audience. Needless to say, but digital marketing is all set to go even more big as an industry since businesses perform better with an online presence. For people related to online businesses, or the marketing industry, 2021 will be certainly better, in terms of all aspects of a business place.

Adaptability is a necessity

It is only the businessmen who adapted to the recent change in the industry dynamics, due to the 2020 pandemic, that have thrived to flourish rather than only survive. Many new businesses emerged from the settling dust in the past year, which is a good lesson for everyone out there trying to scale their new businesses. People with the ability to adapt to the changing needs of their potential customers outperformed their rivals. All it needs is a creative and broad mindset and moving forward with open arms. Now the year 2021 seems to be coming with easing restrictions and new opportunities for everyone out there. The hope of having successful vaccines for the Virus in a few weeks is a ray of hope for just everyone.

Being local is even better

With lockdowns and restrictions being imposed in almost all countries, we learned that local products and services need to be developed eventually for such situations. And countries like India that hold a huge potential for businesses almost did this flawlessly. The products which used to be outsourced till a few years back are now being produced indigenously. And enabling this, industries have bloomed and flourished like wildfires. Most food products started to be produced indigenously with growing demands and restrictions on international transport. Most local businessmen started going online to do their businesses without the need for their customers to walk in. Almost everything became deliverable to and from even remote places. This also gave digital marketers the freedom to experiment and grow locally and rapidly.

Branding is important as an experience

Modern customers do not just buy anything based on the brand description. Modern customers do their research from multiple platforms before selecting any product or service. And going online, a lot of new brands have emerged in almost all industries. McKinsey’s research on consumer durables in India, for instance, shows that for new brands, initial impressions have a massive impact on future success, especially in the digital age. And, we do know that not all customers are the same. There are traditional shoppers and clients, then there are the early adopters, then there is the largest percentage of the ones who buy your products or services following the footsteps of early adapters. It is very important to distinguish and identify the customer type. Also having relevant data in a more personalized manner for the buying habits of the customer.

Focussing on the customers with mobile phones

Almost 100% of the Gen-Z audience has mobile phones and around 65-75% of the world population now uses digital media in some form or the other. Manish says, ‘ Now even the elderly people are learning to work or shop online. And this is a great opportunity for digital marketers to grow in terms of audience. Because having a customer-centric approach is highly important to the present world.’

Although there is a lot more knowledge and experience that we can acquire from Mr. Manish, but with the limitations of time and readability in one piece of article prevails. 

Manish Mehta (born on August 1, 2000, in Jaipur) is a Young Digital Marketer from India, He is digital marketing expert, blogger and YouTuber. He is a founder of Menwithquote, Socialgyan and imanishmehta. Manish is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media and as the creator of Menwithquote (a popular blog on men’s life).

We hope to have Mr. Manish over again and share more knowledge and experiences in the next interaction. Best wishes to Mr. Manish for his upcoming endeavors of 2021

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