Meet Idrees Kickz, Canada’s Youngest and Most Successful Entrepreneur

It is so surreal to know about the many talents that this world is giving birth to across diverse business industries. All these industries and their growth have one thing in common, the emergence of many young talented minds who have come at the forefront of the business industries and have been putting in their everything to create their own niche in the same and become a successful name across the world. One such high-performing youngster is Idreeskickz, who at only 19 years of age has been moving up the ladder of success with his passion for sneakers.

Idreeskickz was born in 2001 and hails from Toronto, Ontario. Since his childhood if anything that he felt an inclination towards then it was the world of entrepreneurship. His heart was hooked onto various brands of sneakers and as a teenager, he decided he would do something bigger and better in his career with the fresh and new ideas he churned for the love of sneakers. The e-commerce world was where he thought he could unlock all the potentials to carve his career as a young sneaker entrepreneur.

However, the success he has achieved today as a teenage businessman did not come easy to him. Initially, Idreeskickz started working by buying and selling things online. Collecting sneakers was his childhood hobby, but little did he know then that this hobby would help him build a career in the same. In the year 2015, Idreeskickz transformed his hobby into a full-fledged business. He began with purchasing rare edition sneakers from big brands and resold them to others with a profit margin.

Recently he has graduated from high school and is planning to study business program from University. Idreeskickz has driven inspiration from legends like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk as he thinks that their stories of struggles match with his and they have worked extremely hard to make it big in the business world.

Buying and selling sneakers online soon helped Idreeskickz to create his own brand in the form of ‘Woiair’, which is rising each passing day in the e-commerce world selling some of the coolest and the most comfortable sneakers online. The young business mind has even invested in the stock market and forex and has got more deals from everywhere. Since then, he has been focusing more on his brand.

The biggest achievement according to Idreeskickz is the fact that he is running the business of his choice successfully and each day he gets inspired to never stop doing what he loves to do in life, which has helped him keep going on the path of entrepreneurial success.

For the future goals, Idreeskickz wishes to open a sneaker store in Toronto and LA and also design shoes in collaboration with brands like Nike and Adidas.

To gain some inspiration from this 19-year-old successful sneaker entrepreneur, follow him on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube @idreeskickz.