Meet one of India’s top Ethical Hackers: Falgun Rathod

The world of Cyber Security in India is at its peak. Ever since several financial institutions have paved their way into the digital space and various e-commerce platforms, it has resulted in being very resourceful for the consumers. Amidst the lockdown, online transactions have been a saviour for all of us, serving as a perk for the institutions to remain in constant touch with their consumers.

However, there’s a negative side to the benefit. The more digital-centric it’s getting, the higher are the chances of cyber crimes taking place. Hackers have been onto the most common and on-going techniques like data breach, phishing, password attacks and payment wallets are just a few to name.
According to the latest reports by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), there has been an increase of 600 percent in the cyber crimes sector. As per Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, 2018, suggests that most lifestyle apps leak phone numbers and sensitive information and acts as an open platform for cyber criminals to perform their best.

“Even though it seems easy to access online transactions, it involves great risk. Where the consumer is carrying out tasks from their computers which are virus-free, fail to realize that the computer is not the one to be worried about when people are infected by a virus called ‘cyber crimes!’ “ claims Falgun Rathod, one of India’s top ten cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers. He was born on 18th December in Ahmedabad and has been through his own share of ups and downs, before making it so far in his career. Mr. Falgun Rathod, with immense experience and a knack for his profession has taken his company, ‘Cyber Octet Private Limited’ to a platform which serves over 150 clients coming from various backgrounds globally.

Apart from being a service provider, his company has been a tutor to more than 50,000 students and familiarized the theory of ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Falgun Rathod aims to have a workforce of more than 100 employees to be able to reach prospective clients at any corner of the world. His true spirit of entrepreneurship has won him recognition and awards like the ‘Top cyber forensic researcher and investigator’, in the year 2020.

Rathod further goes on to say, “Being a responsible citizen of my country and as a cyber security leader, the power of alerting people against the wrongs is solely vested in my hands and I am doing the best I can to make it safe world for people who aim to carry out their business smoothly on all platforms.”

His beliefs and contribution to the society have inspired many. The ‘IT guy’ seems unstoppable and has made it a mission to reach the horizon with honest hard work and dedication.