Meet Under 25 Australian Entrepreneur Abdullah Al Kobeissy once a Drop Out is now earning in Six Figure.

Education plays a vital role in our lives, but that doesn’t mean one paper shit can decide our future if you are passionate and update yourself in life practically than it is the best school where you can study how to grow in life.

We met one Digital entrepreneur who is earning a six-figure income for a long time and is now heading towards 7 to 8 figure income on a monthly basis with his ECOM HQ. We are talking about a budding entrepreneur from Queensland, Australia, named Abdullah Al Kobeissy taking a giant step in the E-commerce business with his new concept.

Abdullah Al Kobeissy is a student who has learned things in life, which is important to earn big bucks. Yes, he was aware that school knowledge is good for the job, but when you want to aim big, you have to learn from life practically. Understanding the global demand, he jumped into the E-commerce business, and today he is making bigger with his ECOM HQ.

He aims to earn more and show people how to use technology, especially new king E-commerce, for the right effect in your life.

His training module is different from the ones you hear about in common, and its different methods have never been seen earlier, making it a one of its kind distinct course. He is guiding students and giving them the confidence to find something new and trending which can run for a long time.

Abdullah Al Kobeissy wants to see his student taste 6figure income in 2021. Yes, it looks tough looking at the current scenario, but he is confident, and he will push his students to that level with his proven formula of getting rich and living a good life.

Abdullah says the primary goal in 2021 is to help people believe and also give them the confidence to earn six-figures like they used to do before 2020.