Mike Johnson And Tayshia Adams Spotted Getting Cozy Amid Demi Lovato And John Paul Jones

It is usually said that whatever happens in Vegas does not stay there in Vegas.

The same happened over the weekend, when in Vegas; eagle eyes of fans caught the Bachelor in Paradise stars Tayshia Adams and Mike Johnson getting too cozy with each other. It was Friday night and the two stars were at iHeartRadio Music Festivals in Las Vegas. The couple was reunited with other stars of the Bachelor in Paradise. These stars included Ben Higgins and his girlfriend Jessica Clarke, Dean Unglert and his lady CaelynnMillerKeyes, Ashley Laconetti and many more.

Mike has made headlines for being one of the contestants of Bachelorette who failed to win Hannah’s heart yet have been successful in winning a huge fan following. On the other hand, Tayshia and John Paul Jone’s romance captivated the audience completely.

However, regardless of these moments seen by the fans between Tayshia and Mike; a source shared that nothing is there between the two stars from the TV. In fact, she is dating her co-star John Paul Jones from the Bachelor in Paradise.

Yes, John Paul Jones and Tayshia are together. Though Mike and Tayshia hung out in Vegas during the iHeartRadio Music Festival but along with a bunch of other stars from the same show but not alone. They have been chummy yet did not flirt at any point in time.

The source added that everyone from the show was excited to see each other. Most of them were also spotted in an unofficial after-party at Shake Shack. Mike, as well as Tayshia, is friendly with everyone. It was obvious that they were having blast together as pals and nothing else.

Earlier this month both of them i.e. John Paul Jones and Tayshia had an interview. 24 years star explained his goals with the California inhabitant is to enjoy life together. After ending the season finale of Paradise, Tayshia went to his house to reconcile the relationship. JPJ shared that he was not expecting her to show up to his door. He was completely unaware of all that.

In the same way, Mike seems to be all fine and happy with Demi Lovato whom he is dating these days. However, they are taking things in a slow manner and are trying to know each other so far. Mike explained that he is trying to get to know Demi. He also added that he thinks she is a fantastic person and he is not willing to pressurize her for anything. Further, he said that they are trying to know each other. She is the only one he is talking to right now.

It was not welcomed that while Tayshia and JPJ are together, Tayshia is seeing Mike as well. Afterward, there were calcifications about Tayshia and Mike be among all the co-stars and it washed away all kinds of speculations. Hence no doubt Tayshia and Mike looked real close together. However, they are nothing more than strict friends.

So it can be inferred that Mike Johnson And Tayshia Adams Spotted Getting Cozy Amid Demi Lovato And John Paul Jones; all is set.