Mobile T-Mobile Home Internet users should use more caution going forward when it comes to data usage

As if paying $60 a month for unlimited data—$10 more than existing customers—for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service after January 17 wasn’t reason enough, the carrier has now covertly implemented a new use guideline for new consumers.

T-Mobile used to not care how carelessly you used up data. Those are the past times now.

Although there is no cap on data usage, T-Mobile informed The Mobile Report that consumers may encounter slowdowns during periods of high usage since other customers will take precedence over them after they reach 1.2TB for any given month. Up to the start of the following month, this deprioritization will continue.

Things weren’t always this way. While the business acknowledged that consumers may occasionally suffer reduced speeds due to network congestion, a January 19 change to the terms and conditions warned of “further reduction after 1.2 TB.”

Although your enjoyment of spending your entire life in front of a screen is somewhat diminished by such terminology, this is more likely the result of your data worry than anything else, as the average American household uses about 500GB of data per month, making it extremely unlikely that you will use more than 1.2TB.

Just 10% of T-Mobile’s customers use more than 1.2TB, according to the company itself. Even while it may represent a small portion of users, it is nevertheless a sizable user base. In the end, the company has 4 million residential internet users, of which 509,000 were added during the second quarter of 2023.

This isn’t a data cap; it’s a fair usage policy. There is no data cap in place. Customers still get unlimited data even if they use more than 1.2TB in a month. They may have slower speeds during peak traffic periods, and they will only be given priority over other home internet users when it comes to bill cycle reminders. This guarantees a positive network experience for each and every one of our clients. Until they reach 1.2TB again, those customers’ priority is reset to regular at the beginning of the following month. – T-Mobile

Additionally, T-Mobile might be preparing its customers for future changes by making this recent move in anticipation of enforcing a higher priority limit. The bright side is that, contrary to what was previously believed to be the case, the corporation is not capping your usage.