Motorola Unveiled a Prototype Smartphone that Can be Worn Around the Wrist

Motorola believes that in the future, we might be wearing our phones on our wrists.

After previewing it in a video last year, the business—owned by the massive Chinese computer conglomerate Lenovo—showcased a flexible smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Since it’s still only a concept, it might never be made available. To differentiate itself in the crowded smartphone industry, Motorola, however, is eager to showcase the advancements in display technology.

A Motorola salesperson demonstrated how the phone could bend in different directions to stand up on a table or wrap around a wrist.

Information is shown differently when the phone is wrapped around the wrist. As an illustration, the apps show up at the top of the screen.

According to the agent, the phone is “contextually aware,” meaning it adjusts based on how it has been twisted.

The Motorola salesperson described the bending mechanism of the phone as working similarly to the human spine.

During one demonstration, the agent snapped a picture of an outfit with the phone. After then, the phone created a background that went well with the ensemble. The background might be applied to the phone so that it functions as a fashion accessory when the user wears it.

Lenovo and Motorola frequently showcase device prototypes. Lenovo unveiled a laptop featuring a see-through screen at MWC. Motorola made much of a rollable smartphone screen last year.

It looks that Motorola’s bendable display builds on some of the recent advancements in foldable screen technology. In 2020, Motorola brought back its venerable Razr brand with a foldable smartphone.