Music Miles Apart

D.Beezy talks about how he and his producer make music while being on different sides of the U.S. 

We recently caught up with D.Beezy and the conversation got brought up about his producer and how they go about making the music they create together. To our surprise, his producer ThaBlakSmith is on the complete another side of the United States. D.Beezy lives in Knoxville, Tennessee while Kavin “ThaBlackSmith” lives in California. When we asked D.Beezy how it worked out he said: “Well, We have a dropbox folder that is shared between us so when he uploads a new beat he will hit me up and let me know and I just kinda go through it and pick what fits for the next single.”

He went on to say “As of recently though, we got together on face time and came up with a game plan which ultimately leads us to the conclusion to release an EP on April 20th, 2020. He made 3 really solid beats and us just kind of took that direction and decided we should drop an EP so be on the lookout for that.”

Originally Kavin was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently in the Navy which has since taken him back out west to California which is where he is organically from. All of this started out when D.Beezy posted a status on Facebook looking for beats after his brief stent out of the music scene. A mutual friend of both ThaBlakSmith and D.Beezy commented on the status tagging ThaBlakSmith which ultimately lead to what seems to be a pretty awesome connection between the two. They have collectively released a few singles thus far together which can be streamed on all platforms. The songs include, “I Told Y’all”, “Tick Tock”, “That’s That” and “Can’t Wait”.

We asked D.Beezy what was next from here and he said “We have an EP we are about to start working on that we plan to release in April. It will be on all major streaming platforms as well as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play for purchase. You know we just started making music together over the last year but we have already clicked and got a good feel for each other’s creativity and that’s really why this new music is going to be pretty special. I haven’t come up with a name for the EP yet but I’m sure that will fall into place over the next couple of months as Kavin (ThaBlakSmith) and I plan to face time frequently to get this thing right.”

We asked D.Beezy if he had plans to meet ThaBlakSmith and he said “Oh yeah, absolutely. The plan is to when our music catches on and we can finally afford it, we want to meet up and create the music together in person from then on out whenever possible.”

As for now, they continue to make music miles apart while never having even met each other face to face, but if they keep producing the tunes they are producing we have a feeling it won’t be very long before the two can finally meet.

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