Nakase Law Firm Unpaid Overtime Lawyers Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Are you one of the many Californians working long hours at your job and not receiving any additional compensation? If so, you may be entitled to unpaid overtime, and you should learn more about your legal rights to recover your money. At Nakase Law Firm, we handle unpaid overtime cases throughout California, and we can help workers get the compensation they deserve.

Why do many employers not pay overtime?

If you’ve worked more than 40 hours a week without being paid overtime, you may wonder why your employer isn’t following the law. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why employers might not pay overtime, including a  job description template

they think they don’t have to follow. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important that you contact a Nakase Law Firm unpaid overtime lawyer in California as soon as possible for assistance with recovering the wages that were owed to you.

What your employer must pay you

If you work more than 40 hours in a week, you are entitled to overtime pay. Overtime pay is 1.5 times your regular hourly rate. For example, if you usually make $10 per hour, you would be entitled to $15 per hour for any overtime work. If your employer does not pay you overtime, you may be able to file a claim to recover the unpaid wages. A good lawyer will draft a job description template that details what duties an employee must perform, how long they must do it and how much they are paid. A partnership dispute lawyer is essential to resolve a business partner’s commingling of company money or a dispute over profits and losses between two partners who own the company as joint tenants with rights of survivorship.

How Can Nakase firm help you

If you believe you have not been paid the overtime wages you have earned, the Nakase Law Firm can help. We are experienced unpaid overtime lawyers representing clients in California, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. We will review your job description and work with you to determine if you are owed overtime wages. If we determine that you are owed wages, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Terms of a class action settlement

If you are a non-exempt employee who has been asked to work through a meal break or to be on duty, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. Under federal and state law, non-exempt employees are entitled to uninterrupted rest periods and meal breaks. If your employer has violated these labor laws, you may be able to join a class action lawsuit against them. A class action settlement could result in you receiving back pay, interest, and other damages. A partnership dispute lawyer is essential to resolve a business partner’s commingling of company money. A job description template will help identify whether an employee should be classified as exempt or non-exempt. A partnership dispute lawyer can represent a plaintiff in a lawsuit for wrongful termination if they believe that they were not treated fairly by their former employer. When employees are not paid for overtime work, they contact the Nakase Law Firm overtime attorney.

How much do I make with a class action lawsuit?

An experienced attorney can help you determine how much you are owed and fight for your rights in court. A skilled legal team may be able to identify where commingling occurred, what funds were used, and who benefited from it.