Nerf’s Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny is genuinely tremendous — preorders start July 7

Assuming you were concerned that the genuine froth terminating variant of the scandalous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny would be disappointingly kid-sized, you can settle those feelings of dread: Bungie has recently uncovered what a real blaster resembles — and when fans can get it.

Preorders for the north of 4-foot-long, 1:1 scale blaster will start July 7 at 10AM PT/1PM ET, and existing Gjallarhorn proprietors get dibs. Assuming that you’re hoping to buy the prop-grade Nerf LMTD blaster, you really want to open it in-game in the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack before July seventh at 9AM PT before you can join the “virtual sitting area” for your buy. Thus, you have a little more than seven days. In the event that there are any left, Bungie will put them available to be purchased starting July 21st.

Presently for some terrible news: the cost has gone up $25 without clarification. It’ll currently be $185 rather than the $160 that Bungie declared last December. What’s more, there’s no word yet on even a best guess of when it could deliver. A past Nerf LMTD item assumed control north of a year to show up. Others are as yet inbound.

You additionally shouldn’t anticipate that this Gjallarhorn should fire rockets that split into numerous darts like we’d trusted. In a bigger uncover on Bungie’s site, the creators have explained that you’ll stack a shell that houses three of Nerf’s enormous Mega darts, and you’ll see those three Mega shoots all the while leave the barrel. Honestly, that checks out for Nerf material science and security requirements than shooting a rocket.

“With that shell, we’re shooting three of those MEGA darts at once, which gives that visual sense of the Wolfpack Rounds swirling and flying through the air towards your target,” says Nerf senior project engineer Justin Saccone. You get three of those Mega shells and nine darts in total.

Tragically, Bungie and Hasbro haven’t given any photographs or video of that component in real life, so you’ll need to involve your creative mind until further notice. They likewise don’t say how the preparing instrument functions — and there’s been no allude to its reach or power.