Nissan reports electric successor to Micra hatchback

Nissan has recently reported the successor to the Nissan Micra – and it will be electric!

The declaration is another sign that EVs are expanding into perpetually vehicle segments. Designed by Nissan and engineered and produced in the Renault ElectriCity centre in France, it will be founded on the Alliance CMF B-EV platform that will likewise support the new electric Renault 5 which is expected for European release in 2024.

The Micra replacement is only one part of the recently reported Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Alliance 2030 roadmap. This roadmap includes a £19 billion ($A30), 5 year electrification plan that incorporates 35 new EVs by 2030.

Close by the CMF B-EV platform, the Alliance will produce four other new EV platforms, including the CMF-EV used in the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric – the latter due for European sales release in February this year.

The new Nissan model will become the entry-level vehicle in the Nissan line-up, in spite of the fact that it is yet to be named and full subtleties of its appearance and specifications are to be declared ‘at a later date’.

The CMF B-EV platform has previously been stated by the Alliance as being equipped for a 400km WLTP range, with beginning production projections of 250,000 vehicles every year.

At present, the new Nissan is scheduled available to be purchased in Europe as it were. Unfortunately, regardless of whether intends to extend exports beyond Europe eventuate – it is one more EV model that is probably not going to arrive at Australia.

For this situation, maybe – not on the grounds that it is electric. This is because of the Micra fitting into the popular European ‘compact vehicle category’ vehicle.

While this category is well known there, it is one that has everything except disappeared in Australia because of our appearing fixation on purchasing ever bigger vehicles. Accordingly, the Micra was dropped here in 2016 when Nissan Australia culled its model line-up to focus on SUVs and utes.