Oral-B introduces three new iPhone-connected iO smart toothbrushes

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, Oral-B appeared three new smart toothbrushes dedicated to assisting clients with working on the health of their teeth and gums with real-time feedback and on-device pressure control — and brought back the Cavity Creeps.

Oral-B at first launched the iO line in 2020 to assist clients with accomplishing prevalent at-home cleaning. Oral-B iO brushes accomplish this through 3D brushing recognition, pressure control, and a built-in brushing timer.

In 2022, Oral-B will launch three new brushes to the iO lineup. The iO4 and iO5 will fill in as new entry-point models into the iO lineup. These models highlight different brushing modes, rainbow celebration lights after brushing for two minutes. The iO5 will give real-time coverage tracking and coaching by means of the Oral-B application.

The iO4 and iO5 will be accessible cross country in mid 2022. Each will be estimated under $100 and accessible in white, black, pink, blue, and lavender.

Oral-B will likewise launch the iO10, the advanced model the organization bills as “the ultimate oral health coach.” It offers real-time insights and live coaching straightforwardly on the iOSense Charger, permitting clients to shun the need to bring their phone into the bathroom. The iO10 additionally syncs data to the Oral-B application for experiences into brushing habits.

Those interested in buying the iO10 are urged to sign up for the waitlist to be advised when the toothbrush is available for purchase.

Oral-B likewise reported that they are revamping the late-’70s “Attack of the Cavity Creeps.” The resurrection is as an immersive video game that means to teach children how to care for their teeth and gums appropriately.

“Attack of the Cavity Creeps” will be carried out to children and families as a part of Crest and Oral-B’s commitment to “Closing the Smile Gap” through dental care access, education, and oral care donations.