Patrick Peterson: The Minnesota Vikings expected, and wanted, to confront Josh Allen

The Bills were attempting to pull a Jedi mind trick on the Vikings in regards to the identity of their beginning quarterback on Sunday. The Vikings at last got the droid they were searching for.

After the insane, crazy, crazy, insane showdown in Bison, which brought about a 33-30 overtime win for Minnesota, I asked cornerback Patrick Peterson whether the Vikings expected to see quarterback Josh Allen, given the secret the Bills attempted to develop.

“We knew he was playing,” Peterson said. “That’s who we wanted to play. We wanted to play this team at their full strength because we’ve been hearing enough about we haven’t played good teams, we haven’t played good quarterbacks. Well, we just did it today and we won from coming back, you know, so what you gonna say now?”

There’s no much left to say. The Vikings continue to track down ways of winning. They hadn’t overtaken an extraordinary team on the road — in years.

They did it on Monday. It was maybe their biggest regular-season win as the visiting team since 1998, when they beat the Packers on a Monday night at Lambeau Field, it what was the national coming-out party for newbie Randy Moss.

For third-year receiver Justin Jefferson, it was a day to make a stream of clutch catches — and for quarterback Kirk Cousins to make one clutch throw after another. Also, for another person to move forward when the team needs another person to move forward.

There’s still far to go this season. In any case, the Vikings are modifying perceptions and realities by doing what they haven’t done in a long time. They took the show on the road and took advantage of an elite team. What’s more, they wanted that elite team should be at its generally elite.