PlayStation Plus Free Games For August Might be Leaked before Release

It seems like the August 2019 PlayStation Plus games are leaked before schedule.

Most of the Gamers are likely in between getting a superb time testing out the July 2019 PlayStation Plus free games, that originally consisted of Horizon Chase Turbo and PES 2019. Instead, Sony had an unpunctual modification of arrange, and set to PES 2019 from the lineup and replace it with Detroit: Become Human.

PlayStation and Games for August 2019

One thing is for sure that if you’re delighted with July’s lineup, then you may be sure as hell double excited with what’s in store for August.

Also, there is a rumor that not one but 2 EA games are up for grabs in August. According to Glitched Africa, a user has apparently witnessed both the games Star Wars: Battlefront II and UFC 3 featured as free within the PlayStation Store.

Now to be honest this seems to be a bit far fetched as one can understand one EA game to leak but 2 that too at the same time, is a bit too much.

Yes, we know that UFC 4 is within the works, but it definitely does not mean that UFC 3 will be available for free next month. For UFC 3 to be free it will take another year or so.

As for Star Wars Battlefront II, this one seems to possess a lot of believability in its favor. EA has already confirmed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launch on 15 November this year, thus it might add up for them to permit players to check out the most recent Star Wars game at no cost.

It is very normal for Sony to unveil the succeeding set of free games on the last Wednesday of every month. Whereas the last Wednesday of July is on the 31st, it’s unclear on whether or not Sony will follow tradition and announce the August lineup slightly earlier. Either way, that is the time you can expect to receive an official announcement from Sony.

My advice, make the most out of what July has to offer. Commence a new journey with Detroit: Become Human and enjoy the oldies with the arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo.