Post-Quantum Cryptography Framework for Developers is Unveiled by a Swiss Firm

Today, Terra Quantum unveiled its TQ42 Cryptography library, an open-source collection of quantum-resistant algorithms made to assist companies and developers in safeguarding data against present and potential cyberattacks.

Developers can access post-quantum techniques, security features, and key management functionalities using the new cryptography library. They can be applied to a variety of platforms, including as cloud, mobile, online, and Internet of Things.

You can now access the library by using the GitHub repository. The business claims that it has scalable architecture, an easy-to-use API, and crucial security features including the ability to generate keys and delete files.

The algorithms in the repository are specifically focused on protecting data that is saved or that is not in use. This is in addition to the exclusive Quantum Key Distribution procedures of Terra Quantum. They provide data security while it’s moving.

Future error-corrected quantum computers, which theoretically include thousands of logical qubits, will probably be able to crack most encryption schemes in use today, including RSA and ECC. The concepts of qubit entanglement and superposition are to blame for this. Due to them, calculations on quantum computers can be completed far more quickly than on traditional computers.

As such, in the post-quantum age, we will require particular methods to protect data. These are built around mathematical puzzles that are thought to be challenging for both classical and quantum computers to solve.

According to a statement from Dr. Florian Neukart, Chief Product Officer of Terra Quantum, “As organisations begin to plan for the post-quantum future, adopting appropriate cryptography solutions is crucial for maintaining the security of valuable information,” He went on to say that the new library would offer a “accessible entry point” for applying security mechanisms that are resistant to quantum errors in applications.

Quantum As a Service (QaaS) is Growing

Terra Quantum is a quantum physicist founded in 2019 that provides “Quantum as a Service.” Markus Pflitsch Secure quantum and post-quantum communications solutions are offered by the corporation under its quantum security division.

This, as stated earlier, is the application of sophisticated cryptographic methods to safeguard data from possible harm caused by quantum computing. There isn’t any hardware on the market right now that makes these technologies truly necessary right now.

But Terra Quantum’s (and many other quantum software companies’) business strategy centers on preparing corporations and developers to be “quantum ready” for the eventual online deployment of fault-tolerant machines of the future.

In addition, the St. Gallen, Switzerland-based company provides access to high-performance simulated quantum processing units (QPUs) and methods for hybrid-quantum optimisation and hybrid-quantum neural networks.