Power bank can cause fire! How to keep yourself safe?

If you don’t take good care of your power bank, it might be possible that you can end up with a fire or anything similar. So it’s a great idea to stay as safe as possible, and that means making sure you eliminate any potential causes that lead to power bank fires. At the end of the day, personal safety trumps anything, and here are some of the methods you can use to prevent any power bank fires.

Always buy from a reputable brand

The reality is that low quality power banks can end up catching on fire because they have a poor construction and little to no thermal protection. Shocks can also mess up the internals and sometimes that can bring in fires too. So it’s always a very good idea to ensure that you prevent power bank fires, and as soon as you do that you will be impressed with the results. With that in mind, if you buy from a reputable brand like Veger, they focus on product quality and testing. You will only have access to the best of the best in regards to quality, and that does make a major difference in the long term.

Avoid overcharging the power bank

Whenever you charge your power bank, you want to monitor its charging and avoid situations when you keep it in the outlet for hours and hours. Overcharging for a prolonged amount of time is very important, and it really is something that you want to think about as much as you can. Once you see that the power bank is full, just remove it from the outlet. Unplug it, and you will be safe from any problems.

Check if the power bank is damaged

That’s the thing, if you end up using a damaged power bank, that becomes an issue. When the unit is damaged, the performance can be very bad and you want to prevent that as much as you can. You also want to dispose of the battery properly, according to the local rules. If you see that the power bank is damaged, just make sure you grab a new one, because any type of damage can lead to severe problems including fires.


As you can see, power banks are great to use, but you do want to ensure that the power bank comes from a reliable brand. And yes, you also want to avoid power banks that are damaged too. Plus, overcharging a power bank is a big NO, since it can lead to issues. We highly recommend taking all these things into account if you want to prevent fires generated by power banks!