Qualities of Best Celebrity Fitness Trainer of Dubai Najab Mohamed / Najm Retro

If you are enthusiastic about health and fitness and love encouraging people to achieve their goals, you may have considered a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Having the strength to make a genuine difference to people’s lives can be astonishingly rewarding, and is the main hack for why people enter the fitness industry. 

There are several qualities you must possess to ensure you get the most out of both yourself and your clients as a fitness trainer. We came across one of the best fitness trainers in Dubai who has more than ten years of experience in this field. He is an award-winning athlete and bodybuilder, helping others to do the same in their life. We are talking about the top fitness trainer of Dubai Najab Mohamed / Najm retro.

It would be best if you had the best qualities like Najab Mohamed aka Najm Retro, to become one of the best Best fitness trainers in Dubai, Best Celebrity trainer in Dubai, Best sports trainer in Dubai.

Here are some of the traits we have identified as being the most powerful fitness trainer like Najm Retro.


To become the best fitness trainer in Dubai, you should be a certified celebrity and sports fitness trainer. Keep updating with new techniques and taking parts in new changes happening in the fitness world Attending workshops, short courses, fitness events, podcasts and all.

Patient Fitness trainer:

Fitness is a long term thing to achieve a journey – results don’t just occur overnight, and there are many obstacles, difficulties and setbacks that occur along the way. A great Personal Trainer likes Najm Retro. You should be patient and understanding of the process and can accept that everyone is different and will progress at different paces. 

Good Powerful Communicators:

Strong communication abilities are not only necessary in the fitness trainer but very important to help clients achieve goals in life.

Good Listeners:

Certified Personal Trainers like Najm Retro talk with his clients and listen to their queries so that they can help them achieve what they want from him. 


Illustrating professionalism as a Personal Trainer includes things like being reliable, dressing suitably, and presenting yourself as a healthy, active fitness trainer. If you walk the track and set a good standard, your clients will likely follow you like Najm Retro.