Rapper Jase Ford Destined To Lead The Industry

Actor Jase Ford-Ryals moves to New York to start his first year at the renowned New York University Tisch School of The Arts, where actors like Wood Harris, Alec Baldwin, and many other successful actors have graduated from. Ford decided to commit to NYU after coming to the decision to end his life long dream of becoming an NBA player and instead pursue a career in acting. Jase even said in an interview, “I decided to stop playing basketball and pick up acting because theater has always been something that I was super passionate about and I didn’t want people to stereotype me. As a tall, athletic black kid, I was always labeled as the kid who was destined for the league, but I was tired of hearing that. I wanted to prove to people that I could be more than just a ball player.” Furthermore, Jase hopes to use his training at NYU to land a role on tv and film. 

Ford’s passion for theater

Ford’s passion for theater derived from his family’s long history of actors. Ford is inspired by many of his cousins who have gone on to land gigs in Hollywood. Ford landed his first role in a student film in eighth grade where the artistic director at school introduced him to the world of theater. From there, Ford landed his next breakout role at Hartford Stage in Hartford, CT where he performed in a Breakdancing production of Romeo and Juliet. He later performed in many of his high school productions. 

What techniques are helping Ford

Ford is currently training in Practical Aesthetics, created by David Mamet, where the actor is taught to live truthfully in the moment. 

Jase is also training with Abby Awe for self tapes where he has one on one sessions. 

Jase hopes to dive into The Method technique as he furthers his acting training. 

 Ford is excited for what the future holds for him during his time at NYU and he even feels honored to have met so many industry leaders and learn from their experiences. 

While currently studying in Atlantic Studios at NYU, which has evolved stars like Clark Gregg and Eloise Mumford, Ford remains humble and inquisitive which he feels will help strive in the industry.