RetroN Sq is a 3D cube-shaped console for playing Game Boy titles on your TV

Hyperkin is most popular for making gaming peripherals, however it additionally makes clones of consoles that permit you to play retro games in modern resolutions. Presently it is releasing another retro console that will permit you to play Game Boy games on your TV. Hyperkin’s RetroN Sq (Square) is a console that will permit you to play Game Boy, GBC, and GBA cartridges.

The RetroN Square incorporates one wired USB “Scout” controller with a shape like a SNES controller. Rather than composite video hook-ups, the RetroN Sq interfaces with a TV through HDMI with games upscaled to 720p resolution; there’s additionally a switch that will permit you to switch the aspect ratio to either 4:3 or 16:9, contingent upon your preference.

The console will permit you to natively play Game Boy and GBC cartridges, while GBA games are listed as a “beta feature,” yet it doesn’t note which GBA games are viable. The rear of the console incorporates a memory card slot, permitting you to store firmware for the system.

Hyperkin’s RetroN Sq will release on March 25th for $75. Be that as it may, in the event that you definitely realize you need to get one, you can preorder your unit at Hyperkin’s site. The contraption comes in two tones: “black gold” and “hyper beach,” which to me looks more like a turquoise color.