Rivian chooses Georgia as a site for its second EV manufacturing plant

Following a very long time of theory, electric vehicle startup Rivian shared where it intends to construct a subsequent processing plant. In the mid year of 2022, the automaker will kick things off on an office about an hour east of Atlanta, Georgia, it declared on Thursday. When the plant is finished at some point in 2024, the organization desires to ultimately deliver 400,000 electric vehicles there. It likewise plans to construct a battery creation office close by.

Rivian says the EV office will cost around $5 billion to assemble and will utilize in excess of 7,500 workers. The organization will pay for it with continues from its new November tenth IPO. When complete, the office will altogether support Rivan’s assembling limit. The automaker guarantees its first and right now just processing plant in Normal, Illinois can deliver around 150,000 vehicles yearly. It plans to ultimately produce around 200,000 there each year.

That may appear to be a great deal however Rivian is as yet during the time spent scaling creation and satisfying need for its vehicles. As of December fifteenth, 2021, the organization said it had delivered 652 of its R1 vehicles. As of that very day, it had an aggregate of 71,000 pre-orders from clients. It likewise needs to create something like 100,000 trucks for Amazon. As such, it has a challenging situation to deal with.