Ron Rivera, NFL head coach diagnosed with squamous cell cancer

Washington Football Team lead coach Ron Rivera has been determined to have squamous cell carcinoma, the group affirmed in an announcement on Thursday night.

Preceding the announcement, Rivera’s malignant growth finding was first revealed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The group says the malignancy is in a lymph hub and was recognized from a self-care check. The group additionally says that the malignant growth is in a beginning phase and is considered “very treatable and curable, providing a good prognosis for Coach Rivera for a full recovery.”

“For now, Coach has asked that the team keep things business as usual and remain focused, but a ‘Plan B’ is in place if it is determined that he should take some time off,” the team statement says.

The group additionally posted on Twitter on Thursday night, “We love you, @RiverboatRonHC. We’re all with you, Stephanie, Christopher, and Courtney.”

Jason Wright, as of late named leader of the group, tweeted, “Adding my prayers for health to the innate strength and deep resilience in @RiverboatRonHC’s body, mind, and Spirit.”