Ryan Bilodeau Evangelizes and Promotes Coronavirus Positivity Through Catholic Booster

Ryan Bilodeau just launched Catholic Booster because long after the cure for a coronavirus pandemic that so fiercely threatens mankind’s mortal bodies has been discovered, the world will continue to search for a vaccination against spiritual maladies like loneliness and anxiety.

And this is where Catholic Booster comes in.

At a time when it seems like time itself has stopped and almost all of mankind is keeping vigil on the eve of a medical cure, for the Catholic Church this may be the single greatest chance to evangelize the world in a generation or more. 

Bilodeau argues that “truly, there may never again be as captive an audience as there is in the present moment. Now is the time for a spiritual vaccine. Now is the time for a Catholic Booster.”

In the next few months, Bilodeau plans to post positive stories of Catholics living out their faith during the pandemic as a means of evangelization to non-Catholics who can get a unique lens into Catholic spirituality as lived out in daily life at a time when they are most captive due to the quarantine

In what Bilodeau labels a “post-truth and relativistic world,” he appeals to Dostoevsky’s famous quote: “Beauty will save the world.” Bilodeau argues that “the best way to evangelize is to show the world the beauty of a faithful life.”