Samsung TVs will have eco-friendly solar-charging remote controls at CES 2021

Notwithstanding a variety of new TVs, Samsung has additionally reported a more eco-friendly remote control at CES 2021. The Solar Cell Remote Control can be powered by both indoor and outdoor light, or simply regular USB if the previous two are lacking.

As per Samsung, the far off itself is additionally lovely eco-friendly, as 24 percent of its 31 grams of plastic is produced using “recycled polyethylene terephtalate.”

The organization says that the solar-powered remote control will help “prevent waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.” obviously, you could help moderate that by utilizing battery-powered batteries in the first place, yet a solar-powered remote control would in any event lessen reliance on them. Samsung has said it’s additionally finding a way to increment eco-friendly packaging in 2021.

The Solar Cell Remote Control will accompany all Samsung TVs in 2021.