Samsung’s 2022 Flagships Will Get the AI Features of the Galaxy S24

Alongside the late January debut of the Galaxy S24, Samsung also introduced One UI 6.1 featuring Galaxy AI features. The company has extended One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI to its 2023 flagship phones, which include the Galaxy S23, Z Fold 5, and Flip 5, after a few months of exclusivity.

The Galaxy S22 and Fold 4 were rumored to get Galaxy AI as well, although the company did not formally confirm this. Samsung has officially disclosed the exact date of One UI 6.1’s release for its flagship Galaxy phones from 2021 and 2022, as well as the features that will be added to them in terms of Galaxy AI.

The moderator claims that the Galaxy S22 and Samsung’s 2022 foldables will receive the same Galaxy AI features as the Galaxy S23 FE. This implies that users will have access to Chat Assist, Circle to Search, AI-generated wallpapers, generative AI photo editing, and real-time phone translations. The one feature that will be absent is Instant Slow-Mo, which allows you to long-press any video to pause it.

Only Circle for Search and Magic Rewrite will be available for the Galaxy S21, Fold 3, and Flip 3. The latter is most likely the Chat Assist function, which lets you quickly alter the tone of your message. They will not be able to use any of the other Galaxy AI functions, most likely due to outdated internals.

 Galaxy AI will Soon be Available Elsewhere Beyond Samsung’s 2023 and 2024 Flagships

Samsung’s decision to include nearly all of the Galaxy AI features from the Galaxy S24 in its flagship devices for 2023 and 2022 is quite surprising. The reason for this could be that Samsung’s servers handle all the heavy lifting and not the local system for the majority of these functions.

It will also provide Samsung a stronger opportunity to commercialize the capabilities when the free trial expires in late 2025 if Galaxy AI is extended to its previous Galaxy flagships.

The main attraction of One UI 6.1 is Galaxy AI, but there are a few other small enhancements as well, such as improved system animations and more battery life choices.