Starbucks is now allowing patrons to bring any kind of reusable cup

Starbucks became the first national coffee store to accept reusable cups this week, allowing patrons to bring their own mugs or cups from home to any participating café to be used for any beverage of their choosing. This is a significant step toward sustainability for Starbucks.

There are certain restrictions, so think twice before bringing that enormous tumbler you brought to 7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day. The Washington Post states that cups have to be 40 ounces or smaller and must be spotless.

Simply inform the barista that you brought your own personal cup to use it at Starbucks. After that, you give it to the barista, who will use a contactless vessel to retrieve the cup. Orders placed through the drive-thru will go through a similar procedure.

You can also use the Starbucks app to notify others that you plan to use a reusable cup. Simply click the “Customization” button, and from the customization menu, choose “Personal Cup.”

In addition to helping the environment, bringing your own cup has additional benefits for Starbucks Rewards members, such as a $0.10 beverage discount and 25 bonus stars.

Starbucks stated back in 2022 that they would make it simpler for patrons to utilize reusable cups in an effort to cut down on the amount of garbage they send to landfills.

According to Michael Kobori, Starbucks’ chief sustainability officer, “offering customers more options to use a personal cup when they visit Starbucks marks tangible progress towards the future.” “We know our customers are passionate about the planet, and now, they can join us in our efforts to give more than we take, no matter how they order.”