Submarine Internet Cable Path To Connect Asia-Pacific And South America

As the first direct link between South America and Asia-Pacific, Google has announced that it will assist in the construction of an undersea internet cable route connecting Chile, French Polynesia, and Australia.

The Humboldt undersea cable is a cooperative effort between Google, the French Polynesian Posts and Telecommunications Department, and the Chilean construction company Desarrollo País.

This ambitious project, which is anticipated to be finished by 2026, will connect the cables that make up the South Pacific Connect initiative and add geographically diverse cable investments that link French Polynesia and Chile, strengthening the dependability and resilience of digital connectivity across the Pacific.

The Chilean government is the driving force behind plans to build a direct fiber optic network link between South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

The undersea cables spanning 9,200 miles are anticipated to expedite the digital connectivity and integration of South America and the Pacific Island nations with the global economy when combined with secure 5G wireless terrestrial networks.

According to Juan Carlos Munoz, Chile’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, this project will boost thousands of people’s working conditions, generate jobs, establish Chile as a leader in the area, and solidify its status as the country that connects South America to the digital world.

“This new cable route will enhance Australia’s global connectivity and complement our work with Pacific countries to secure better access to the global digital economy,” stated Australia’s Minister of Communications, Michelle Rowland.

“We are thrilled to collaborate on the Humboldt project to continue advancing French Polynesia’s digital economy and keep Tahiti on the cutting edge of innovation,” stated French Polynesia’s President Moetai Brotherson.

According to Google, the Humboldt initiative is the most recent in a string of investments it has made in digital infrastructure in Chile and other parts of Latin America.

According to management consulting firm Analysys Mason, Google’s prior installations of underwater cables throughout Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to promote the development of over 740,000 new jobs by 2027 and result in a total GDP boost of $178 billion between 2017 and 2027.