Success Story Of Youngest Digital Entrepreneur “Manish Singh”

Youngest Digital Entrepreneur “Manish Singh”, an inimitable personality, renowned in the world with his Digital Marketing business is advancing at an unparalleled speed holding the tag of being the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur. This young lad is superb when it comes to Technology & Digital Marketing with many people saying “Manish Singh is born to market online”.

His sound knowledge is helping individual and business profiles with online techniques which give growth in fan following and the business earning to a large number of people. 

Manish Singh, founder and CEO of ZZED MEDIA specializes in creating brand awareness, traffic and lead gen, marketing funnels, social media and more. His popularity and fame shot up with his name being promoted from India’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur to Youngest Millionaire in India also most budding Digital Marketing expert of the world.

He worked with top most names and brands in the last three years with a turnover of more than $1M which undeniably uncovers much about his skills as a Digital Marketer.

Recently his name got listed as Youngest Millionaire Entrepreneur of India. His name came in the top Indian press online being featured on Deccan Chronicles, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Asian Age, Hindustan News, Asian age and many more Indian News Portals.

Many people are unaware of him being the only Indian entrepreneur who grossed $1M figure from Online marketing Business in India. From starting a company at the age of 18 to achieving an unfathomable 200k $ turnover in just one year crossing 1m$ now is an Herculean task in itself. 

His startup business ZZED Media And Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is now Delhi’s best Startup company also listed in the top ten Startup companies of India. 

He operated with influential names like International Superstar Drake and OVO records; and parted with many UK based companies like UK Record signing a contract of 150K Euros being the only Indian to achieve such feat. 
He also worked with India’s leading music label T-Series. Most of his projects are of western countries which is good for India and Indian economy. We need more talent like him in India. 

Manish Singh set a top floor for the young generation with his growth in the Digital world. We hope that he leads people under him so that India too comes in the list of top Digital Marketers and also in top IT providers companies.