Successful entrepreneur Sahil Suri highlights the importance of work-life balance

It’s often said that a businessman is a distinct entity from his firm. However, a lot of entrepreneurs and employees take their office stress home. Why hasn’t anybody talked about business burnout? Sahil Suri, a serial entrepreneur who has started and founded multiple businesses in the span of 10 years, says that “it’s important to maintain the work-life balance.”

Sahil’s comment comes in the backdrop of a study on burnout and recognising that many employees and businessmen are struggling to balance their work and personal lives. Sahil Suri said, “Starting a business brings a bag of challenges and downfalls. While you might successfully endure them, in the process you might push your brain to cause exertions. This drudgery will erode your mental health.”

Sahil Suri has been enduring unstable market conditions for a very long time. He asserted, “Maintaining the work-life balance is essential. It will not only energise your efforts but also deliver huge productivity gains. You cannot work 24×7 and, therefore, taking breaks is very precious. Having immense love for your work is appreciable, but carrying your work home and developing the same environment there is not healthy.”

Sharing a few ways to avoid burnout, Sahil Suri suggests setting specific office hours. He also underlined the importance of prioritising and not getting overwhelmed by work. “Being an entrepreneur, you are wired for hard work. But stretching your arms and getting some fresh air will energise you to achieve your to-do even more promptly,” Sahil Suri added.

The entrepreneur himself goes on vacations or finds other recreation to mellow out. He runs an IT company and a luxury cafe. Both these ventures stand in a flammable space. Yet, Sahil Suri not only achieves his set business goals but also takes care of his mental state. He recently stepped into the entertainment world and will soon venture into movies. We wish him good luck with both.