Telangana-based eco-friendly startup Enviropromise is here to create a greener life for everyone:

Have you ever thought about how your food purchases and consumption patterns might be affecting the planet? Those interested in protecting the world around us must be aware of the environmental implications of supermarket shopping and overconsumption. However, in a world where being environmentally friendly is still not a concern shared by many it is difficult to establish norms of reducing, reusing and recycling. Major corporations need to take the lead but often it is not in the interest of profitability. Standing out from the rest is Enviropromise, an online grocery store developed with a strong social motive.

Founded by Sai Abhinay Chepuri and Shiva Kumar Peddapuram, Enviropromise was brought into the public eye in 2020, as an Envirotech start-up. Their motto is to operate on recycled and eco-friendly products made available to the common Indian to promote a greener lifestyle for people from Every Walk of life.

Apart from being an environment positive brand, Enviropromise also offers great deals on 100% organic produce, making it a far better choice than most other competitors in the market. The founders of Enviropromise can afford to run on lower sales proceeds mostly because profit margins are still maintained due to low production costs. After all, when food is grown organically and with the use of superior technology, it is sure to also be cost-effective.

Enviropromise offers a wide variety of daily groceries such as fresh vegetables, rice and cereals as well as products using recycled materials, created using Ultra-modern technology. These products can be available to any consumer all across India with just one click through their sub-brand Freshspout, which is both a mobile application and a website. No more hassle of walking through the store looking for the organic section aisle- getting quality products delivered right to your doorstep has now been made much easier with Enviropromise.

In recent news, Enviropromise has raised undisclosed backing from MCMP (angel) Investors, Indonesia, and Indian-Indonesian Settled Investors. This decision has been made in an attempt to fund their expansion to other states of India outside of Telangana as well as to invest in technology that will allow the Enviropromise team to collaborate with thousands of growers and environmentalists. Their addition to the board will enable Enviropromise to not only assure customers of the quality of food products they deliver but also stand out from several organisations who market themselves to be eco-friendly without any scientific evidence of the same.