The awe-Inspiring journey of youth network marketing entrepreneur Ahmed Mukhtar

Ahmed Mukhtar at present is a well-known name in the global business arena as the network marketing czar. The young businessman from London has been credited with expanding his business to more than 20 nations and has trained thousands of people across 25 countries to become successful entrepreneurs. A self-made man, The President and Co-Founder of NeXarise is a young Somalian refugee who proved to the world that anything is possible with a die-hard spirit and putting wholehearted efforts into your aspiration.

Early Life Struggles

Born in an average family in Mogadishu, Somalia, Ahmed’s father was a bus driver and a homemaker mother. Life wasn’t smooth in the beginning. he had to face rejection, hate and discrimination, and financial obstacles. But he channelizes all his energy in building himself. He invested in self-development, attending conventions, seminars, and business training. In his initial professional life, he worked in one of the leading retailer giants. He turned into an entrepreneur at the age of 24 and started network marketing or MLM in the year 2013.

Elevation to Success

Due to his superb communication and networking skills soon he became successful. Within 2 years of starting network marketing, he managed to occupy the position of senior vice president, the top most rank of the company. In 4 years he not only built a team of 21000 people but also earned a whopping $3.6 million with his dedication and hard-work in this challenging field. He became a multimillionaire by the age of 28. He has been featured in Success from Home magazine in the year 2016 and many other publications later for his extra-ordinary achievements.

Augmentation of NeXarise

At present Ahmed Mukhtar is the President and Co-founder of NeXarise, which is Amazon of Network Marketing. The company provides home-based business opportunity to individuals who want more from life. It provides an online platform to sell essential goods and services and earn through it. The firm also believes in motivating people to maximize their network, so that they not only earn through individual sales but also through their active or passive network. It is one of the fastest-growing network marketing firms in the world. Ahmed Mukhtar believes that providing the best services and staying relevant are two essential points to achieve success.