The Celebrity Pierdavid Palumbo : The World Speaks Of Him, Interview And Curiosity About His Past

Pierdavid Palumbo has made a lot of talk about himself, his originality and musical productions have made him reach big success, he has managed to stand out for his new electro swing idea, a genre that takes us back in time, but which in the same time it is fresh and very young!

From All Over The World : his song is danced, from children to adults, My Way was revealed from a melancholy, classic tune into an energetic and funny song!

But Pierdavid before his success what did he do :

<< I did several jobs, I was entertainer in tourist villages, in the morning I entertained people on the beaches and in the evening I sang in the cabaret shows, we slept little! but the satisfaction of seeing people having fun repaid the effort, this work has made me grow a lot as an artist, but also on a personal level, entertaining an audience is not easy it is a gift that is within you.>>

Is what Pierdavid says in his artistic experiences, and that’s where he grew up with the art of the Show Business.

Pierdavid today boasts almost 60,000 Followers and is growing, he is 29 years old from Italy Puglia, but raised in Grenoble, France with his grandmother,he started singing classical songs at the age of six in a duo with his father,traveling the world, he made his debut with his first album entitled Lucky Event, and was revealed to be the first Italian child in 1997 to sing jazz songs.

<< I started singing listening to my father, I was having fun! is begins as a passion, which then became a job, I still remember people’s faces when I started singing difficult songs from the american songbook, and in 1997 I made my first album, it was a great emotion, I remember that everyone wanted that CD, the novelty of hearing my 6-year-old voice with my father was moving, people hugged me and kissed me all the time, I had become like a kind of musical toy (haha laughs). >>

In 2014 he produced his first unreleased track entitled my life with you how was it born?

<< A coffee with friends, actually a friend of mine calls me, and says that he created a new melody, I went to listen to it and it was a dance song without a lyric, but I was looking for a more sentimental melody so I worked with him, with a new arrangement between hip hop and jazz and I wrote a new dedicated lyric for a girl, my producer wanted to surprise his girlfriend so I recorded in one take, called him, and told him (hey, the song is ready!) when they heard it they were excited, I still remember his tears falling! >>

Throughout your career you have done many musical genres, Jazz,Classic, Pop, Rock, Dance and now Electro Swing but which is the one that binds you the most?

<< good question, I love them all, I have been linked to Jazz since I was little, but I love to experiment and not stop on a musical genre that’s why I sang different genres, also to get involved with myself, I like that music can also blend together and create something hybrid, in any case the electro swing project is what I believe belongs to me and which represents me in a unique way. >>

My Way electro swing was a surprise for many people but why this song?

<< My producer tells me (let’s do my way electro swing?) i thought he was kidding, i couldn’t imagine this song an electro swing version, it was a challenge! take probably the saddest song in music history, and make it a dance hit >>

what are the new projects for the future?

<< it’s a surprise! the best is yet to come >>

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