The greatest way to combat the “Winter” of the crypto market is to stake in METEORMINER

Cryptocurrency staking came from the concept of what investors do in the “conventional financial world”. Compare this with locking money with banks. Investors locking their money in a cryptocurrency wallet would make higher profits. Crypto staking applied the function of a Proof-of-Staking dependant blockchain design. In other words, Staking is the method of locking up cryptocurrency in the crypto wallet to make profits which has a better return than traditional saving schemes. This action is an easy method to yield our passive income with cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of staking are huge, as the reward of staking is as anticipated. Staking is the most comfortable method to make passive income on digital assets. The majority of blockchains propose yearly staking rewards are more than 30%. Due to the comfort of staking. Investors need not be too familiar with technical proficiency or market mastery. Staking is distinct from crypto mining, staking need not any energy, power-based devices, or rigs. Staking includes investors backing a blockchain’s security and efficiency, which is pledging long-term compensation in the future. Users could increase rewards by staking in an enormous pool with low commission fees and a track record of validating abundance blocks.

How could Meteorminer maximize our profit and why did we choose it?

Meteorminer’s mining pool is a huge server that pools the computing power of all users connected to it. The users join the pool over the internet and assign digital assets to the pool. They work together and solve math problems and identify blocks of a particular cryptocurrency. When the pool detects a block. It requests consensus from other network members and is rewarded. The reward will be distributed to all pool members in proportion to the amount of the specified hash rate. The number one rule of Meteorminer is the present concept of “1 plus 1 must be greater than 2”.

Before joining the pool. The user would have a minimum entrance fee. The amount of cryptocurrency that needs to be mined before it is released into the user’s wallet. If the minimum payout is large, the user will have to remain a member of the pool for an extended period of time before collecting any income. There’s another important factor to note participation in any pool is not free. Users should pay a portion of their earnings to participate, as known as commission range between 1%-2%. As a whole, membership in any pool does not need significant capital and knowledge. In addition, if the user has already prepared a rig, determining which pool to join will be simple. Regardless of the cryptocurrency being mined, the following advantage should be considered why should we choose Meteorminer.

  • Regulated, convenient, and straightforward staking platform. Meteorminer does not require users to do any complicated application. Once you create an account. You can start to earn your passive income by pressing several buttons.
  • Supports many popular staking cryptos. Meteorminer not only provides BTC or ETH staking schemes. It also includes other top tier altcoins staking schemes like FIL, DOGE…
  • Great Cost performance of locking period. Users can leave their assets in a staking wallet for a fixed duration such as 3,14,30,90 days. Longer staking period would provide a higher staking interest.
  • Daily payout frequency, users can realize their daily staking interest and accumulated interest of the staking dashboard.
  • Meteorminer’s team has diversified development in the crypto market. Staking is not the only source of income for Mateominer. It also has retail rigs market, a professional leverage trading team, and a Defi exchange loan service.

Meteorminer also works with two world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools, Mycointainer and Kucoin. Meteorminer saves customers the trouble of obtaining and maintaining their own mining equipment. By acquiring an internet contract. Users would always maximize their profit and earn their passive income!

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