The most expected monitor of 2022 is prepared to launch soon

Samsung’s special Odyssey Ark gaming monitor could at last go marked down before long. A report from the Korean distribution ETNews recommends that the 55-inch curved monitor is set to become available sometime in August.

Subsequent to having been declared and showcased at CES in January, the release of the Odyssey Ark has been highly expected. Nonetheless, a few specifications, including HDR support, brightness, and port configurations, remain unknown at this time.

Up until this point, we realize without a doubt that the monitor includes a 16:9 4K OLED display, which was exhibited in an upward position yet additionally upholds turn, slant, and revolution modes. The perspective proportion can likewise be set to ultrawide 21:9 or ultrawide 49:9, contingent upon client inclination.

Samsung at CES that the monitor will have a 1000R bend span, an UHD goal, a functioning revive pace of 165Hz, a 1 millisecond reaction time, six encompass sound speakers with Dolby Atmos endlessly support for FreeSync and G-Sync innovations. The distribution added that the specs are dependent on future developments up until the Odyssey Ark is delivered.

The gigantic monitor is likewise utilizing a QD-OLED board rather than a conventional OLED board, which has been a pattern on gaming monitors trying different things with OLED over time. We’ve seen different monitors, for example, the Alienware 34, utilize Samsung’s QD-OLED boards, which helps keep the cost of the fringe lower. Nonetheless, because of the sheer size of the Odyssey Ark, it is conceivable the monitor could have a lofty cost.

The cost of the Odyssey Ark has not yet been uncovered. In any case, a few bloggers conjecture that the monitor could sell for upwards of $2,500, utilizing the 49-inch Odyssey Neo G9 for instance. The Odyssey Neo G9 is likewise a curved monitor, which sells for $1,800. The more modest still, 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8, was additionally displayed at CES and sells for $1,500.