The New Galaxy Z Fold Is Revealed by the Latest Samsung Leak

Information on Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, the rumored to be called Galaxy Z Fold 6, indicates that it will have new displays and an improved design, but Samsung may surpass its original foldable phone with one choice.

Three model codenames with intriguing modifiers are listed in the export data: Q6, B6, and Q5. Since the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 were reflected in the Q5 moniker and the B5 moniker, respectively, last year, it is reasonable to conclude that these are the parts for this year’s two flagship foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. The Winfuture team has discovered another modifier. Q6A.

Considering the A designation, this might be the long-awaited, less expensive Z Fold series model. The Galaxy A series from Samsung strikes a reasonable balance between cost and functionality, making the “A” a sensible upgrade. All things considered, it seems more probable that Samsung would sell this under the Fan Edition moniker, grouping the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE among devices like the Galaxy S23 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

As part of its efforts to reduce the cost of materials, Samsung is altering the design of the bezels on the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 in an effort to reduce prices. The addition of a FE model would allow for the compromise or even loss of features deemed essential for the main model in order to provide a more affordable version that fulfills the promise of a foldable.

Foldable phones are still pricey, particularly when it comes to the Galaxy Z Fold series’ book fold model (list prices for the Z Fold 5 begin at $1799). In comparison to a regular smartphone with comparable specs, a FE variant would probably fetch a higher price. Nevertheless, it might be less expensive than other folding smartphones on the market, including the $1799 Pixel Book and the $1699 OnePlus Open.

Any phone, including the Z Fold 6 FE, that is still in development has no assurance that it will be released to consumers.

However, if a FE edition were to make its debut in this year’s Z Fold series, Samsung would regain the upper hand over other manufacturers who are attempting to get their foldables onto the market. It would also give them first mover advantage in the ironically named “budget foldable” category and undoubtedly help the company in its efforts to get Galaxy AI in front of as many customers as possible.