The recently released Google Pixel phones are now the least expensive yet

Even though the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were only released in October, they are still taking advantage of the holiday sales. Honey’s price history indicates that the unlocked 256GB Pixel 8 has now dropped to $531 (originally $759) at Best Buy, which is less than it was on Black Friday. It’s currently even less expensive than the 128GB version, so getting the 256GB version is a no-brainer. Meanwhile, Camelcamelcamel’s price history indicates that the 128GB unlocked Google Pixel 8 Pro is back down to its Black Friday price of $799 (originally $999).

Selecting between the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Our guide, which outlines the key distinctions between the two phones, can assist you in making a decision if you’re having trouble choosing. It all boils down to your budget and whether or not you really need the newest features and the greatest camera. Given that the Pixel 8 has twice as much internal memory as the Pro, the current Best Buy promotion might make the decision a little simpler.

In addition to Android 14 and seven years of guaranteed software support (i.e., updates through 2030), you will still receive the most recent chip manufactured by Google. You’ll also receive the same new AI features, such as the “Best Take” feature that allows you to select the best face from a set of photos and the “Audio Magic Eraser” that eliminates annoying noises from videos you record. (Avoid further blurry photos from blinking.) The Pixel 8 is water- and dust-resistant, like the Pro, thanks to its IP68 rating. The Titan M2 security chip from Google, which enables both in-display fingerprint unlocking and face unlocking, will also be available to you.

For the majority of people, the Pixel 8 is probably the best option, unless you really care about the quality of the camera.