The sub-reddit “r/ShibaArmy” claims this coin is the new “Doge Killer”. Is $Shib set to go to the moon?

Word has it this is the next altcoin to do 10,000X! I personally bought $200 worth and it became 2k in 3 days!

Check out what the founder had to say:

“Well something happened, all the way back in August we launched $SHIB as an experiment in decentralization to see if it would really work, with me the deployer putting zero $ into marketing or anything else and doing a fair launch keeping no tokens for myself. (as of today I own no tokens as I bought a little and sold a little, but kept nothing for this massive pump)

Well in august we had a nice wave of hype and was forgotten, but recently with the resurgence of DOGE, SHIB has caught fire and is threatening to turn over the entire market

Now that we are begging to move to Phase 2, we need to set the framework for the future of decentralized finance with LEASH which was originally farmed by SHIB stakers

The purpose of LEASH is to tame DOGE, the way it works is that everyday at 6.30AM UTC, the price of LEASH will rebase to 1000/1 the price of DOGE. So for example if DOGE is trading at 4.3c, then the target price for LEASH will be about $43.

from there it works just like AMPL, so for example, if DOGE is 4.3c and Leash is $50, then it will rebase and you will get more LEASH in your wallet.

However if DOGE is 4.3c and LEASH is $30 then LEASH will be debased and you will lose LEASH from your wallet.

The purpose here is to offer a synth to hedge the price of DOGE on the eth blockchain.

So when do we start rebase?

Well, as of publishing this article, LEASH is trading around $5, so if we started rebase now, it would be instant rekt for LEASH holders as they would get debased.

Because of that we will start the Rebase when we see LEASH hit 1/1000 the price of DOGE. So that means if we go by todays DOGE price, that is about $43 per leash. Once it becomes clear we are going to hit that, then rebase will turn on and we begin Phase 2.

Now, how to get there? Well Liquidity is very important. Without liquidity on uniswap, it is impossible for LEASH to rise.

This is what we recommend

1 — buy a little LEASH to hold. Just a small amount and be ok to hold. maybe 5% of your portfolio

2 — Add that with Liquidity to UniswapUniswap InterfaceEdit

3- Don’t worry about the price (since it is just a small part of your portfolio, it may go down a little, but likely will go up if everybody partisipates. If you want to buy more LEASH to speculate on then do it as separate from this 5%

If everybody does that, we will have hundreds of ETH in liquidity on LEASH and then whales will come and bring the price up to where Doge is (so it will be around $40 or 10x from here 😀 ) and then we can begin rebase.

Ready, set go!

Love, Ryoshi

Ps. To clear up a few questions

i — our official twitter got hacked so until we get that back, don’t trust anything published there

ii — there is only SHIB and LEASH on ETH. There is no binance chain or whatever forks, there is no other projects “from the SHIB team” because scammers like to say this often

iii — the farm you see on is currently over, do not deposit there, it won’t do anything except cost you gas 😀

iv — I don’t like centralized exchanges. Often times they destroy community project by price suppressions. I do not endorse any and only encourage you to use Uniswap and DEX.”

Check out the $Shib whitepaper here: