The Young Vlogger And Entrepreneur-Tawhid Pritam Has Become An Internet Sensation

The aura of the young digital content creator and entrepreneur Tawhid Pritam surpasses any of his fellow creators, as he is known to direct a movie at such a young age. “London to Snowdonia” is a travel adventure film by Tawhid Pritam and his friends. His YouTube channel, which was launched just two months ago, in September 2022, already has 3K subscribers. Exploring the streets and other areas of London has no doubt kept his viewers hooked to his videos till the end. Travel vlogging, portrait photography, wedding photography, commercial photography, and music videos are some of the best skills that are possessed by Tawhid Pritam.

A British Bangladeshi Entrepreneur and digital content creator, Tawhid Pritam got exposed to a foreign land at the age of 10. He had moved to the UK with his mother who, he tells, is his real inspiration. Seeing his mother work hard day in and day out, Tawhid was filled with motivation to be financially independent as soon as possible. He was far away from Dhaka, Bangladesh, his place of origin, and now in a completely new environment and with complete strangers. At this point in time, a 10-year-old kid would find it difficult to adapt to a new environment. But Tawhid Pritam’s mother, who is his real inspiration, kept him motivated to work hard to be one of the top young digital creators.

The year 2015 marked the beginning of a new journey for Tawhid Pritam in the world of media. Today, he is a professional filmmaker, photographer, video editor, travel vlogger, and entrepreneur too. Tawhid Pritam got exposed to this vast industry at a very young age. When one would expect him to get demotivated because of the extreme struggle in this field, Tawhid Pritam proved to be a dark horse by launching his own company at the age of 17. His company, Star One Studio, is a multimedia company that renders the services of professional photography and videography for weddings, music videos, and many more.

Also known as BO55TRY on social media, Tawhid Pritam owns an Urban Green BMW F30 with BO55TRY, which is a UK private car registration plate. Tawhid Pritam, with his technical and creative skills, has no doubt become an internet sensation at such a young age. He brings back the real meaning of being an “influencer.”